Volunteer Reflections

Tubahumurize is a dream volunteer position for any enthusiastic and self-motivated individual wanting to gain experience in a wide array of domains and spend their days with a truly extraordinary group of women. The diverse activities of the association mean that you are able to choose what you would most like to engage in and shape your own unique volunteer experience. Opportunities range from product design to market expansion to communications to grant writing, which makes it possible to learn immensely. It is both exciting and rewarding to be part of an organization that has so much potential for growth and impact.

On top of the opportunities that Tubahumurize offers to learn, gain experience, and work for a meaningful cause, by becoming involved with the association you become part of the Tubahumurize family. You are warmly welcomed to join everything from lunches to weddings, and you build meaningful relationships with an incredible group of role models.

Considering all of the volunteer possibilities available across the globe, choosing a placement can be a daunting task. I feel so lucky to have ended up at a place as special as Tubahumurize. It is truly a worthwhile organization to invest your time in, an invaluable learning experience, and a wonderfully colourful, musical, and jovial environment to be immersed in.

Annie Cameron, Canada, Volunteer May 2016 – August 2016

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