February 20, 2017


Tubahumurize Association serves survivors violence and other socially and economically marginalized women living in Rwanda. These include:

  • Genocide survivors
  • Victims of gender-based violence
  • Women living with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses
  • Single mothers, grandmothers and orphan girls heading up households
  • Widows

Sadly, many of the organization’s beneficiaries fall into several of these categories. The majority of our beneficiaries are survivors of gender-based violence, be it during the genocide, in the home, or, as is so often the case, both.

The organization also indirectly serves children, including orphans (from the genocide or AIDS) and other dependents who may be incapacitated due to illness or age.

Since its creation in 2006, Tubahumurize has assisted over 1000 women in Rwanda through our programs, and indirectly over 1500 children.

We currently serve about 450 women and also benefit around 1,050 of their dependent children.