February 20, 2017

Sewing & Embroidery School

Since its creation in 2009, Tubahumurize’s Professional Training Program in Sewing and Embroidery has enabled twenty beneficiaries each year to master the skills associated with sewing, embroidery and quilting.

Training is provided free of charge to all participants. Tubahumurize also provides a nutritious mid-day meal to all students. For many, it is the only meal that they will receive in a day. Training through the school further supplements their instruction and bi-monthly educational workshops on topics such as sex education, financial planning, and the role of women in the informal economy.

Additional programming, such as art lessons, English as a Second Language Training, and choir have been offered by the Association’s volunteers over the years. Individual trauma counselling is also available to the program participants.

To date, 100 girls and women have graduated from this program and 20 are in the current cohort.

Almost all the program participants are the children or other dependents of beneficiaries of Tubahumurize’s trauma counseling program. The remaining program participants are orphans and women living in Kicukiro, the neighbourhood in which the Association is located.

Their average age is 23 years and their average level of education completed is grade five. Some are orphans who have lost one parent while others have lost both parents. All live under extremely difficult circumstances.

These program participants have been unable to continue their studies due to financial or other constraints. Vocational training represents an opportunity for them to acquire marketable skills.

Every year, a few graduates of the Sewing and Embroidery School join the Tubahumurize Cooperative, while the others choose to work privately or in small companies.

To date, a few graduates of our program have managed to return to school to complete their secondary level education.

All graduates now have access to a stable source of income – and more options – thanks to their participation in this program.

With additional resources, Tubahumurize would help its Sewing and Embroidery School graduates with the acquisition of sewing machines with which to start their own businesses.