February 20, 2017

Trauma Counselling


Approximately 300 women benefit from monthly group counseling sessions. Tubahumurize has two trained counselors, the Program Coordinator, and a professional trauma counselor. These counselors blend traditional and modern methods of trauma management and counseling. Six groups participate in sessions at the Tubahumurize Centre.

During group counselling sessions, women and young girls have the chance to express their concerns and share their emotions. For many, this is the only venue in which they feel comfortable to speak about the trauma they have experienced or are experiencing. Tools for conflict resolution and stress management are shared amongst participants. At the same time, listening to and advising one another allows participants develop a sense of deep mutual respect and to build a supportive community. They are encouraged to exercise assertiveness, empathy and self-respect through reciprocal support and responsibility.


The Tubahumurize Coordinator is available to the Association’s beneficiaries from Monday to Friday for additional individual counselling. The Trauma Counsellor is available by appointment. On average, fifteen women each week take advantage of this service. Individual counselling allows women to address especially sensitive issues in confidence and to seek out additional advice when they need it.