February 20, 2017

Income Generation

Income generation is critical to women’s empowerment and independence.

In addition to our sewing education program and co-operative, Tubahumurize offers income-generating micro-credit loans.

The average loan is for 60,000 Rwandan Francs. The loan repayment period is 12 months in order to sustain a small revolving fund.

Recipients are trained in basic entrepreneurship and financial management.

Since we initiated this program in the summer of 2008, we have distributed approximately 350 loans for income-generating activities to women in Kigali. Tubahumurize has funded projects related to:

  • Produce (foodstuffs) stalls
  • General retail trading
  • Second-hand clothes retail
  • Small-scale restaurant businesses
  • Small-scale animal husbandry
  • Handicrafts businesses

As our capacity increases, we hope to embrace even wider income-generating activities, to increase the size of the loans available to women, and to reach more women with this life-changing program.


As a result of the 1994 genocide, many women that access funds lack family supports and are trapped in cycles of violence because they are both economically and emotionally dependent on their abusers. Some are HIV positive, while others are single mothers or are living on the streets in dangerous conditions. Whatever the case may be, by offering borrowers the opportunity to access a consistent and stable income micro-credits allow beneficiaries to transition from dependence to autonomy.

The results speak for themselves: over 350 loans granted since 2008 translates to over 700 women and children whose lives have been changed as the result of our programming. By offering access to counselling and to financial management trainings, we are working to ensure that our beneficiaries needs are met and that they are set up to grow and thrive.

As our revolving fund grows, so too does the number of vulnerable women and children that we are able to reach. If you are interested in learning more about the micro-credit program and how you can get involved, please contact tubahumurize@yahoo.fr.