February 20, 2017


Each quilt is designed, cut and hand quilted by graduates of Tubahumurize’s Sewing School, where students spend a full year learning the sewing and embroidery techniques to make all of the different products featured in our catalogue.

Africa Quilt

Twin (single) ‐ $80 USD / 60,000 RWF

Full standard (double) ‐ $90 USD / 67,500 RWF

Queen ‐ $100 USD / 75, 000 RWF

King ‐ $110 USD / 82,000 RWF

*Dry Clean Only

After graduation, some students choose to join the Tubahumurize Cooperative housed at the Association. These twenty women members of the co-op share the income that the quilts (and other products) generate. The revenue supports these young women in building a better life for themselves and their families.

Every quilt is unique and made with love by the young women of Tubahumurize. The collective process of quilt making also serves as a form of group counselling for these women, who are not only cooperative members but survivors of violence and marginalization.

Customers and visitors are welcome to come to our center to visit and quilt with the girls, who will teach you their own technique. Please drop by the shop to see our young women in action!

A lot of time and effort goes into making each one of these quilts and, with proper care, each will last a lifetime. The customer may choose the fabric for the back of the quilt and the women of the cooperative will choose the patches for the front of the quilt with the customer, or with the customer in mind.

Tubahumurize Association is a counselling and training centre for Rwandan women.

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