February 20, 2017

Mission & Vision

“Tubahumurize” is a Kinyarwanda word that roughly translates to “Let us console and give them hope.”

(You an learn how to pronounce this meaningful name here.)


To support and empower female victims of violence and marginalization living in Rwanda by offering essential services such as trauma counselling, coping education, vocational trainings, and opportunities to achieve economic independence.


At Tubahumurize, we believe in a world in which Rwandan Women Can! We will not rest until:

  • All Rwandan women are safe, healthy, socially integrated, and economically empowered
  • Societal cycles of gender-based violence are broken
  • The voices of Rwandan women and children are encouraged rather than repressed

See News and Events and Recent Press Coverage sections of this site to learn more about how we have been living our mission and pursuing our vision.