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Check out this awesome mini-documentary about one of Tubahumurize’s biggest supporters: the Green and Gold Community Garden at the University of Alberta in the heart of Edmonton, Canada!

This dynamic, organic community garden shows us international volunteerism at its very best: people in Canada build community, improve their health, support our Earth, and have fun, while at the same time, supporting our grassroots efforts to meet the real needs of vulnerable people in Rwanda.

Unlike so much foreign “aid”, there is no middle man in this relationship. This means that all money raised by the Garden goes directly where it is needed most: to supporting vulnerable women and their families. Best of all, this formula feels like a true partnership in which everyone benefits and everyone wins!

We are deeply grateful for – and very proud of – this partnership with Green and Gold. Since the first garden seeds were planted back in 2009, the Garden has been a steady and significant source of financial support to us.

THANK YOU to the University of Alberta, and to all the Garden volunteers who make it possible!

We hope you enjoy the short film about our partnership, created earlier this year by Joanne Levenick.

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