February 20, 2017

Staff & Board

Jeanne Mwiliriza
Founder & Program Coordinator

E-mail: tubahumurize@yahoo.fr
Telephone: +250 788 520 874

Following the 1994 genocide of nearly one million people in Rwanda, Jeanne made it a regular practice to organize groups of female survivors to share their stories and provide one another with emotional support. In 2006, Jeanne founded Tubahumurize Assocation and today she coordinates all of our programs. Jeanne has a degree in sociology from the University of Rwanda, a certificate in micro-finance from Bangladesh, and has earned several certificates in trauma counselling in Rwanda. She is passionate about the Association’s development and aspires to strengthen and diversify the types of vocational training that Tubahumurize provides. In 2015 Jeanne won the US Embassy’s Women of Courage Award. Jeanne’s ultimate dream is to create the first women’s shelter in Rwanda.

Charlotte Karikwera
Trauma Psychologist

Prior to the genocide in Rwanda, Charlotte served as teacher in a primary school for deaf and mute children in Kigali. After working to reunite families with Save the Children after 1994, Charlotte was recruited to become a certified trauma counsellor in 1999. In 2007, Charlotte sought the opportunity to become a licensed clinical psychologist, and spent four years at the Institute of Agriculture, Technology, and Education of Kibungo. Charlotte has earned many certificates in trauma counselling and supervision. Though Charlotte has played an integral role in Tubahumurize Association’s activities since its inception, she joined our team full-time in 2014.

Shema Valentin Butera
Director of Operations

Telephone: +250 788 428 580

Clementine Mukamazimpaka
Sewing Instructor, Tubahumurize Cooperative

Epiphanie Nibyobyiza
Sewing Instructor, Tubahumurize Sewing & Embroidery School

Donatha Uwimana
Embroidery Instructor, Tubahumurize Sewing & Embroidery School


Tubahumurize Association Board of Directors

Jeanne Mwiriliza
Executive Director

Hilda Ingabire
Second in charge

Donat Munyaneza

Antoinette Uwanyirigira

Léopold Hategekimana

Aaron Mugemera

Léonie Nibagwire

Julienne Nishimwe

Simone Hanchet
Advisor, responsible for Canada and for volunteers

Maria Goeth
Advisor, responsible for Europe

Siobhan ‘Chevy’ Lazenby
Social Entrepreneurship & Intern Advisor